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Methods In Making Art Collage


Art collage is the mixture of items of diverse materials and media, such as newspapers, mags, package labels, fabric, paint and photographs, into one composition. The term itself derives from the French “coller,” meaning “glue.” It was coined by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso at the start of the twentieth century, when collage became a distinct component of contemporary art. Collage promises to be an essential creative outlet for many years to come since it makes it possible for artists to discover and experiment with creating genuinely brand new, interesting and often unanticipated outcomes.


Collage artist is somebody who makes use of photographs, journals, components of colored or hand-made paper as well as other materials, glued in order to describe a section of used paper or canvas. There are several kinds of art classes focusing in collage in the arts industry like solid media collage, photo art collage, tissue paper art collage, collage art, collage wood, decoupage, and photomontage. Everybody can become a collage artist once you determine that collage process suits you. The process may not be as easy or as complicated as you desire to be. As a new artist a collage is a thing you need by means of step-by-step instructions. However, there are several basic lessons you must know in the ways to create a collage art.


First of all select a base for your collage making. The basis for your collage is a simple sheet of paper or a heavy paper is recommended because you will be using lots of glue on your collage. Here are a few items that can be used: basic poster board, cardboard, canvas, clear use frames or some other flat object.


The 2nd step is to pull with each other, to stick the materials based on your collage. You can perform just about anything you want to make on your collage. Collage artists utilize regular items such as magazine photographs or even stylish paper. You browse through your craft cabinets, journal racks, or browse through your garbage container to find unique character pieces which you'll make use of.


3rd step is to determine what to glue. The glue is what you utilize for your collage design, what items you determined in your collage using. Quite often a few different types of glue can be utilized in your collage. Here's a few common glue that actually works good for you; glue stick, zip dry glue or craft glue.


When the materials in your collage are already prepared you can jot down the things that you will utilize to create your own collage; the correct paper, the right stick, and you can begin your collage. You possibly can arrange your collage things on the floor before you decide to stick all of them together. This can help you when you start on the way you want to arrange your collage. Scissors or box blades are also used to do the things that you want in the preferred designs and correct sizes of cutting the things. You may also experiment with shredding of your things. Once you have put together all of the items and everything, set it aside in order to dry.


Anyone who would like to create a collage could be a collage artist. Do not forget, collage is a lot more on trying various media, sound and images than following step-by-step instructions mentioned above. Collage is an art that unleashes creativity and passion. It takes a really talented individual to perfect the craft. And one of that talented individuals can be you.

Zobrists mix talent with devotion to find success (St. Petersburg Times)

**By Marc Topkin, Times Staff Writer**

Monday, March 19

PORT CHARLOTTE -- The Singer and the Swinger sat on the floor of the family
room of their spring training rental home a couple weeks ago, phones in hand
opened to their calendars, a Rays pocket schedule unfolded, four pages of
notes scribbled about upcoming events, engagements, family visits and
availability to work around.

Most days, it's pretty awesome -- a word they both use often -- being Julianna
and Ben Zobrist, the Rays two-career couple. She sings Christian pop music,
with a second CD dropping next month and an expanding concert schedule. He
swings a potent bat, while splitting time between two positions, as a key
member of the Tampa Bay lineup. Together, they rock.

But some days, like this one, when they're trying to plot out a season's worth
of travel, adhering to their self-imposed rule of not going more than six days
without seeing other, accommodating their 3-year-old son Zion and 6-month-old
daughter Kruse or arranging for them to be watched, adjusting to the
inevitable changes, it can be a little hectic. After a few hours, they had a
plan: 56 tickets on 37 ...

St. Petersburg Times

famous contemporary artists

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