Blotter Art

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Blotter Art

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is LSD blotter art?

I really don't understand what it is. Is it just psychedelic art in general or is it a specific type of psychedelic art? And what exactly is a blotter?

Best Answer...


Well, LSD was (is) sold as drops of liquid that were dropped onto blotter paper, one drop per dose. Blotter paper is just very highly absorbent paper, kind of like extra-extra-super-thick paper towels, almost.

Somewhere along the way, someone started doing cute artwork and printing it on the blotter paper as a sort of "brand" name recognition, like the Grateful Dead dancing bears, and then people could tell that one blotter tab was going to be different from, or the same as, another.

There's a couple website galleries of blotter art online that're pretty cool, too (see links, below).

Good luck!... :-D