Papa Lee

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Outsider Folk art painting of log cabin by Papa Lee

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Papa Lee

Frequently Asked Questions...

I need a tattoo!!! ahhh!!!!?

ok so i want a tattoo on my hip of something but i dont know what i should get... i was thinking of getting an angel with the names papa,lee,and derek (family members who passed) the names would be on the wings but i think that would be a little much can you give me some links of things it doesnt have to be angels but i want to know what would be good for my hip

Best Answer...


If this is your 1st tattoo I would start off with something smaller. And also your going to want to show it off and having to pull your pants down to show friends will be kind of weird lol. If you want to get those names with something how about in the center of your back (in between your shoulder blades) angel wings with light shining from behind and there names in the wings. I think the will look nice and its small and with certain shirts you can show it off. Hope this helps.

(Guyanese Reggae music) , Papa Lee "Cellular" (Official music video)