Abstract Oil Painting

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abstract expressionist oil painting "breathe"

Frequently Asked Questions...

Im confused about Canvas and Framing? I need help.?

Please look at this link on Ebay. I want to buy this picture and it says it out Canvas. Cant I hang a Canvas on the Wall without a frame? Its alot of Canvas pictures for sale that I thought I could hang but it says something about request a frame.


Best Answer...


The photo shows it stretched (which would be able to hang on a wall as is), but based on my experience with foreign ebay sellers, you may be getting a piece of flat painted canvas. While you don't need a frame around the outside, you do want it to come stretched over a wooden stretcher instead of rolled up in a tube.
I bought some that had a photo showing them hanging on a wall and then got just strips of canvas without even a border to allow them to be stretched. (plus they bore only a superficial resemblance to the painting in the photos--a really cheap forgery of someone elses work). I haven't seen this particular seller before--check their ratings. My advice--get the frame!