Watercolor Signed

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I have a watercolor signed Moran called Prairie Rose...Who is the artist?

I got a watercolor in a fairly nice frame from a house that had been repo'd. The art is signed Moran. It has the title Prairie Rose written on it and some numbers.

Does anyone know who the artist is and if this is art that I should keep. I would love to use the frame for something else but I don't want to destroy a collectible piece of art...if that's what it is.

Best Answer...


Is this it?


Woof! I'd go ahead and re-use the frame. :D

By the way, it may look like a watercolor, but if there are any numbers other than possibly the year in which it was painted, it probably ain't one...it's a print and not even an original print.
It's a photographic reproduction and darned near worthless.