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Interest Sexy

New Interest - Sexy GaGa Mix (Live jam)

Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the best things to say during phone sex?

i have phone sex alot and im sick of the usual things to say,
please help with more interesting sexier things :)

Best Answer...


You can take a look at some of the best resources available.

It really all boils down to comfort and what you're *willing* to say, I suppose.

Here is a guide of dirty things to say:


Pluses and minuses of Atlantic 10 (indystar)

The ESPN report about Butler's interest in the Atlantic 10 prompted a flurry
of phone calls, tweets and speculation Monday. It would be naive to think
Butler would not be willing to leave the Horizon League. Likewise, it would be
presumptuous to think a move is imminent or a fait accompli. At the risk of
offending everyone, Butler's conference affiliation matters little. With its
brand on the rise after successive Final Four runs, Butler is a de facto
independent. The Horizon neither hurts nor helps Butler. Butler can schedule
teams from power conferences because it is Butler. The Atlantic 10 does not
change that. Last week, athletic director Barry Collier said all colleges are
monitoring the "ever-changing landscape" but revealed nothing about Butler's
intentions. Horizon commissioner Jon LeCrone said it is just something for the
media to discuss. An official A-10 spokesman said the conference has not been
contacted by Butler. The fact the A-10 released such a statement reinforces
the notion that there is no done deal. Neither does it eliminate the
possibility of Butler leaving the Horizon. If the A-10 were interested in
Butler -- or in expanding to 16 teams by adding, say, ...