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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I make a professional magazine cover (like vogue) using the software gimp?

I need a specific tutorial on how to design a magazine cover using GIMP. I need to do a fashion magazine cover. I already have the photo I am going to use. Please! Thanks. ((:

Best Answer...


There is no specific walk-through for every type of fashion magazines.

The best solution? Find some fashion magazine covers and analyse what they did, for example how big is the magazine title, what font/size is the sub-headings, how are the text aligned, Where did they fit the sub-headings around the main image?

Plus Gimp isn't exactly the best software for desktop publishing. You might think art = magazine design? Not so. The industry standard for desktop publishing (a.k.a design magazines) is QuarkXpress, but I use InDesign since it's in the Adobe Creative Suite with Photoshop so the softwares are all integrated.

Gimp / Photoshop are used to touch up the photos. Illustrator is used to design the magazine logos, and InDesign / QuarkXpress is used to put all these together with all the text and arrange them accordingly.