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Frequently Asked Questions...

math help, super easy, ten points? :) ?

Ok, our math teacher gave us this REALLY easy paper for extra credit, but its so easy its hard, lol ok well theres 4 shapes on the paper, a circle, square, rectangle, and triangle, we have to think of 10 things in real life and list them for each shape, i already have circle and rectangle done, but im having trouble with triangle and square....

ok i need 7 more for triangle and 3 more for sqaure,

for triangle i already have pizza slice and pyramid

and for square i already have
box, square pizza, table, picture frame, tv, poster and a computer screen

can someone help me think of somethings that are shaped as a triangle and square?
lol, i know this is silly, but thanks :)

Best Answer...


squre: sandwich

triangle: hangers, yield sign, mountain's peak, half of sandwich