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Frequently Asked Questions...

[SKYRIM] Why Lydia doesn't use the bow I gave her?

I made a special bow for her. It was made of ebony, it was enchanted and it had a cool name, but she keeps using her primitive wooden bow. Why?

I think I can pickpocket the hunting bow and then give her my awesome super legendary enchanted ebony bow. But I don't have the skill or the perk. :(

*excuse my english

Best Answer...


Some Companions are glitched in such a way that they will not use any bow other than their default bow, regardless of the quality of any bow the player might provide them with. Some Companions will only use a "Heavy" bow i.e. dwarven, ebony, daedric. Others wll only use a "Light" bow i.e. glass, or elven. Armor type seems to dictate bow type.
But this isn't everything ,since if you remove their melee weapon ,they are equiping the bow ,you gave them .Not sure how long they gonna use it tough ...
And there is a mod ,that allows you to remove their base gear too .
have fun