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Frequently Asked Questions...

what laptop should i get: a sony vaio FW or a macbook?

well im getting a laptop this month but i cant decide what to get but my favourite ones are the sony vaio FW or a macbook 2.0GHz

i dont know what to get because the 16.4 inch is nice but is it to big or is the 13 inch fine

i might be doing a bit of gaming on it but thats about it
and on the macbook for gaming if i decide to get that one ill put windows on it but what would be easier to use and more better

thanks :)

Best Answer...


It really depends on your style. The Sony Vaio FW is of course higher in hardware specifications and its larger screen resolution. This makes Macbook appear "expensive." What makes up for its smaller screen and lower specs is its superior build quality and hardware itself. The "extra" money you're paying for in a Macbook goes to its lightweight (4.5lb vs 6-7lb), slimmer design, aluminum casing, and efficient heat dispersion.

Laptops need to balance performance and mobility. Thus, the Macbook excels in this balance. However, if you're purely into gaming, by all means get the Vaio. I checked the Sony website, and it says the FW can last up to 5.5 hours, but this won't be the case when you're playing games with the dedicated ATI 512mb graphics card. The only BIG advantage I could find out of the Vaio is its cheaper price and its larger HDD, essential for gaming. GL choosing your laptop :)