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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can anybody identify this Shepard Fairey print???!!!?

Hi, i was left a piece of art from a relative. IT is a signed print from Shepard Fairey. It is signed out of 100, so is pretty hard to find. Could anybody identify it?! It is a picture of Andre the Giant, and it has 5"4 720lbs inside of an Exclamation mark.

Would really appreciate it if you could.

EDIT: it says 7'4" 720lbs not 5"4 720lbs. Thanks.
Also, it is number 56/100
Thanks Robert! Still havent found it, this is what im lookin for

I need to know the name of the print! Cheers

Best Answer...


This link takes you to the thread on SHEPARD FAIREY ( located in the Urban/Street Art forum section at Artchival.Proboards.com ). You should be able to find the print you own by scanning all 22 pages. Usually members of this awesome site will post a photo of the print they are talking about. So, it should be easy to find.

Could this be the print by Shepard Fairey you own?__here's the link:


If this is the exact print you own....it is a real collector item !!!

Glad you ask the question because Shepard Fairey is a very dynamic artist
( and I've enjoyed the thread on him myself !! ).

Signed: Robert Singletary__Thursday December 9, 2010__9:05 A.M.
(eastern standard time) USA