Carved Sculpture

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I'm looking, in Europe, for sculptors, handcrafts, jewellery lapidary who work quartz?

I have green precious rough stones, with different shape and thickness, as they were got from the mine. They have sparkling inclusions that produce reflections causing a glittering effect.They have fuchsita inclusions. Are filled with small lustrous specks that refelct light.Are used for jewellery, carving, sculptures, spheres, landscape projects or decorative fountains. If wet or polished is greenest.Is also used for gravel for aquarium because when wet is greenest or either conglomerate stones (artificial)

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Am in Australia working with similar sounding stones which maybe serpentines (fuchsite green mica inclusion) beware as they can contain fibrous asbestos often as white veins that can be loosened easily and pose respiratory hazard. The stone can also be used for terrazzo and ground finely as paint pigment.